23 -February -2024 - 07:35

Here's how we help your business …

  • Free Estimates
  • Choice of the type of plant
  • Planning
  • Post-installation monitoring
  • Construction of reduction towers and scrubber
  • Periodic checks of systems for compiling register
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance or reduction towers and scrubber
  • Maintenance of galvanizing, wastewater treatment, vacuum plants....
  • Construction of tanks in PP to insert into damaged PVC coated tanks
  • Reconstruction tanks in iron coated with PVC
  • PVC coating for industrial flooring
  • Supplies and equipment for chemical plants
  • Supply of equipment for plants
  • Consultation
  • Maintenance or service contracts available 24 h


We are able to provide any particular design upon request, from a simple product to the design of an entire system, carefully sized and developed to the utmost detail.

We use three-dimensional software for virtual assembly and 3D rendering of the finished product.

We also produce bag filters, activated carbon filters and any filter where a particular resistance to aggressive agents and chemicals is required.   We build plenum for drip separators and filters in PE for the food industry.

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