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Installers and Engineering:  Products and Services

Our Company was established to provide machinery and plastic products for plant and engineering needs in the chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, water-to-air depuration, waste treatment, environmental, etc., industries.

Fittings, valves, and pipes for fluid and air transport are always available, as well as: dosing systems, pH and Rx management, level controls, and consumable or spare parts for plants.

Thanks to our vast availability of product in stock (sheet and various fittings), the need for special items can generally be produced and installed in relatively quick turnaround times, thus avoiding unpleasant plant stoppages for our customers.

The products offered reflect the utmost professionalism and competence:  the use of carefully selected raw materials, as well as precision in the manufacturing process and final installation, make our Company one of the most successful in the market.

End user:  Products and Services

The constant demands of the market have led us to expand our services, and create an organized structure with qualified staff.   We produce plants from the initial design stages through to their construction completion, executing the initial start-up phases of operation, as well as monitoring performance after a period at full capacity, in order to control the efficiency of the system supplied to our client.

In order to offer 100% satisfaction to our customers with quality and expertise, we also offer maintenance servicing of:  galvanic, depuration, suction plants together with scrubber and reduction towers, reconstruction tanks, PVC coatings, as well as offering the possibility to supply accessories for chemical plants not manufactured  in house.
In addition, we can provide information and make changes to existing plants already in operation, in order to improve efficiency and reduce power consumption, thereby increasing savings for our clients.

Our goal is to satisfy the customer's needs by providing reliable, cutting-edge, high-quality products and systems, which are environmentally friendly, while at the same time aiming to minimize costs wherever possible

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